Monday, August 3, 2009

Ryan and Me on Spring Break

This is a hot fantasy story of mine... makes me very fucking hot, horny, and HARD when I think about the events of this story:

It was going to be the best spring break ever... our senior year of high
school. Four of us guys had been friends all through school and we would
be headed to the beach with our girlfriends... just the eight of us... all
of us now 18 years old. But something happened to change our plans. First
one guy couldn't go with us... and his girlfriend backed out. Then another
girl's parents wouldn't let her go with us and her boyfriend decided not to
go either. It was just down to me and my girlfriend and my friend Ryan and
his girlfriend. And at the last minute, my girlfriend wasn't able to go
either so it ended up being just me, Ryan, and Christy. I wasn't nearly as
excited as I was when we first had planned this trip... especially since my
girlfriend Sarah wouldn't be there with me.

When we got to the beach we decided that we could save money if all three
of us just shared a room with two beds. Of course Ryan and Christy would
share one bed and alas, I would be all alone in the other bed. Damn, I
wish Sarah hadn't backed out. I had such high hopes for this outing with
her! And I was really upset that first night when Ryan crawled into bed
with Christy and I crawled into the next bed all by myself.

Early the next morning, I awoke and saw the dawn's light barely shining
around the room darkening curtains. I lay there and my eyes began to
adjust. I was on my side with my face turned toward the bed where Ryan and
Christy were. I could barely see them in the dim light but I could see
that Ryan was snuggled up close to Christy with his arm draped over her.
They had a sheet covering them. Then I notice that he was kissing her on
the neck, slowly moving his mouth towards hers. When their lips met, she
got involved... both of them, mouths, lips, tongues in action. Damn, I was
really missing Sarah now! Wishing I could be kissing her like Ryan was

I lay there perfectly still, watching. Then I noticed that Ryan's hand was
moving under the sheet to Christy's breasts, caressing them, moving around
them, playing with them. I noticed too that their breathing was starting
to get a little heavier, more excited. And as Ryan continued to play with
her breasts, the sheet started to slide down a little, inch by inch. It
wasn't long until I could see her creamy mounds of flesh that Ryan was
fondling. Wow, such nice tits... reminded me of Sarah's tits... Damn, I
wanted to be playing with Sarah's tits right now. Why did she have to back
out on me? Well, at least I was getting to enjoy a little show right now!
Seeing Ryan playing with Christy's tits... Man, they were gorgeous, seeing
them in the early morning light. Probably about a size 36D, and so round
and firm looking. Wish it were my hands all over them instead of Ryan's.

The sheet slid down a little more and I could see Ryan's masculine hands
massaging those breasts. I could also see Ryan's muscular arms and
shoulders. His skin was tanned a golden brown and made quite a contrast
against Christy's light and creamy smooth skin. Watching him play with her
breasts, and tickling her nipples made my cock begin to stir and harden.
Fuck, I wanted Sarah in bed with me....

Then Ryan's mouth went down to Christy's breasts... lightly kissing
them... licking them... working the nipples and flesh with his mouth, his
tongue, and his hands.... Fuck, I was really getting horny watching this
hot action. But I lay there silently, still, not wanting them to know that
I could see them and was watching them.

Then Ryan got on top of Christy, and between her legs. The sheet fell off
him revealing Ryan's upper body, his muscular shoulders, his slightly hairy
and manly chest, his chiseled body, and his tight abs. Then I watched as
he inched his body downward... moving his mouth down her front, below her
breasts, down her stomach, moving still lower and lower. The sheets were
also going lower and as his mouth went below her navel, I could see her
bush showing just under Ryan's chin. His lips, his tongue... kissing,
licking. And then he slid his mouth over her pubic hairs and his face was
right down there between her legs, into her cunt, working her pussy with
his tongue and mouth and fingers. Christy was moaning quietly. Ryan was
breathing heavily. And my cock was at full mast... so very fucking HARD
watching what Ryan was doing to Christy.

After awhile he moved up on her body, kissing her breasts on the way up and
moving in close to her face and neck... nibbling on her ears... licking her
neck... tasting her lips. As Ryan moved up on Christy's body, he had
pulled the sheet up slightly so that it was covering both of their bottom
halves. Only their two sexy upper body areas were showing uncovered now.
But I could tell that Ryan was definitely still between Christy's legs and
that he must've been trying to move his penis into position. He was
rocking gently, thrusting against her... and from the next expressions on
both their faces, he must've found the mark because they both smiled and
both moaned softly.

And then he began to rock slowly into her. And then rock back. And then
into her again. It started out slowly but then he began to rock a little
bit faster, thrusting into her, and pulling back. The sheet that had
covered their lower bodies began to inch downward. I could see his ass
crack peeking above it, and then as he continued to fuck her, the sheet
drop totally below his ass. I could now see his tight hard muscled ass
moving as he fucked her. And then I noticed that I could actually see
Ryan's fucking HARD cock thrusting into Christy's pussy. Fuckkkkk, my cock
was harder than it had ever been watching this. Ryan began pushing his
steel rod deep into Christy's pussy and then pulling it almost all the way
out of her until just the very tip of his cockhead was in contact with her
pussy lips. Then he would ram that big tool back inside of her deep. Wow,
was I ever getting a show, watching Ryan fuck Christy with his massive

But as I watched, something came over me. I was jealous. But it was the
strangest thing. I wasn't sure if I was jealous of Ryan fucking Christy.
Or if I was jealous of Christy being fucked by Ryan. I didn't understand
this at all. I had never fucked around with a guy in my life. In fact,
Sarah was the only one I had ever fucked. I never even had any thoughts
about fucking around with a guy before. It just came over me now as I was
watching Ryan fucking Christy, how jealous I was of her having Ryan next to
her, his skin against hers, his cock inside her, the two of them fucking.

While I am thinking these thoughts I notice Ryan's ass tensing, and his
thrusts become very quick, and he grunts silently and slams his whole body
against Christy. I know that he is cumming, shooting his hot steamy load
of man juice inside of her hot, wet, juicy pussy, filling her with his man
seed. Then he just collapses against Christy for a little while resting,
catching his breath. They hug and kiss for a little bit. And I sit there
thinking about everything I have seen... especially about Ryan... and his
hot masculine and muscular body... and his fucking HARD cock... and
thinking what it would be like to play around with Ryan.

After awhile I hear Christy whisper to Ryan that she is going to get up and
go take a long shower. And she gets out of bed, goes into the bathroom,
closes the door, turns on the shower. And I pretend to be asleep, afraid
of Ryan knowing that I had seen all that I had seen.

All of a sudden, Ryan sits up on the edge of the bed, looks at me and says,
"Come on Adam, I know you are awake. And I know you were watching me and
Christy fucking! So what do you think? Did it get you good and horny my
friend?" He chuckles a little bit and then stands up, walks over to my bed
and yanks back the covers revealing my own fucking HARD cock sticking out
of my boxers with my hand wrapped around it. "Yep, just as I thought,
Adam, you have a fucking hard on! You are fucking horny from watching me
fuck Christy!!!" He laughed again. "But you know what Adam? I think you
are more horny from looking at me than you are from looking at Christy!
Isn't that true"

"Ummmmm, no Ryan, no, FUCK NO!"

"Oh, but I don't believe you my friend Adam, because Christy has left and
you are still fucking HARD, and I notice that you are looking at my cock
with lust in your eyes while we talk!" Ryan laughed again. And then he
reached down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. That was the
first time a guy's hand other than my own had touched my cock. It felt
strange... but it felt good... And then he surprised me by kneeling on the
floor beside me. His face right at my cock. And then he leaned in and
kissed my cock, licked my cockhead, and down the shaft and back up again.
Then he sucked my fucking HARD cock inside his mouth and start working my
cock with his hot mouth. The same mouth that had been tasting Christy's
lips and breasts and pussy just a few minutes earlier. Damn, that felt so
fucking good... Ryan's mouth on my cock. Sarah had given me blow jobs
before but they never felt as good as what Ryan was doing to my cock now.
So fucking wonderful. Ryan's mouth working my fucking HARD tool. Then
Ryan got up and lay down on the bed in a 69 position. His cock was in
front of my mouth now, and his mouth went back to work on my oh so fucking
HARD penis. I knew what to do, I knew what I wanted and I leaned in and
touched Ryan's now hardening dick with my mouth. This same dick that had
worked its way inside of Christy just a few minutes earlier. This same
cock that had been fucking her good was now inside my mouth.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm.... tasted so good... tasted so manly, yet also tasted of
pussy juices. Oh fuckkkkkk, I never knew it would feel so good to have a
guy's mouth on MY cock and my mouth on HIS cock. Damn, I was enjoying
playing with Ryan so fucking much. I was so fucking hot, so fucking horny,
so very fucking HARD. Oh man, that sensation, oh fuck, I couldn't hold
back any longer, oh fuckkkkkkkk, I began to shoot my load of cum inside of
Ryan's mouth while he continued to work my man tool. And then I noticed
that as I began to shoot my load of man juice, that Ryan began to shoot a
hot load from his man meat into MY mouth.
Mmmmmmmmmm.... mmmmmmmmmmm.... good!

About that time, Christy turned off the shower. Ryan jumped up
suddenly. "Ummmm, Adam, we have to stop now. But later, man, later, I am
going to teach you more about hot man2man sex. I am going to show you how
much fun it is to fuck another guy and to be fucked by a guy. Or more
exactly, how much fun it is to fuck ME, and to be fucked by ME!" And with
those words Ryan jumped back over to the other bed, and I pulled up my
covers, just in time before Christy walked out of the bathroom. Damn! That
was close. And I lay there thinking about Ryan, what we had done, and what
he promised we would do. And I couldn't wait. Christy went shopping later
that day for several hours and Ryan got the opportunity to teach me the
ropes on hot man2man fucking. Oh, man, now if Christy knew what Ryan was
doing with me then she would be the one that is jealous. For that matter,
if Sarah knew, she would be jealous too! Yeah, I kept fucking Sarah after
that, and Ryan continued to fuck Christy. But the special times were when
Ryan and I fucked around together, playing together as only two men can,
fucking each other every chance we got.

Did I Ever Tell You About Timothy?

I have written two previous accounts about the relationship I had with Blake... and I still keep up with him even though we haven't fucked together in awhile. But I recently emailed Blake about my encounter with a fucking hott guy named Timothy telling him (and getting him all excited) about my night with Timothy. After sending that email to Blake I decided to write this story (almost word for word from the email):

Did I ever tell you about Timothy that I fucked with a few months back? He
is 21, about 6'1" and swimmers build. very short hair cut... fairly smooth
body... but one fucking massive cock! FUCK... BLAKE... his cock is
probably a good TWO inches longer than mine... maybe not quite as fat
around but very fucking long and damn... he stayed fucking HARD for

Timothy is in college and stays about a 40 minute drive away from where I
stay when here in TN. So he wanted to get out and didn't have a ride so I
went and picked him up and brought him back to my motel room.... FUCKKKKKK,
he was a little nervous when he got in my truck... and so was I... but as I
started driving, he reached over and was running his hands all over me.
mmmmmmmmm, felt so nice with his masculine hands rubbing me, massaging me,
kneading me, touching me... my chest... my shoulders... my arm... my
leg... my inner thigh... my cock and balls... FUCKKKKKK, BLAKE>>> >> he was
getting me so fucking turned on as I drove.... then he got closer to my
neck and start blowing on my neck and cheek with his hot breath.... and
then he started licking me... fuckkkkk... he was really turning me on more
and more and fucking more!!! my cock was definitely very fucking
HARD... and he was kissing me and licking me and touching me and working my
cock and damn, Blake, I wish the motel wasn't 40 minutes away from where I
picked him up!!!! I was fucking feeling wonderful!!!! and my cock was
dripping... I knew it was because I looked down and there was a growing
wet spot on my jeans!! hehehe... It was all I could do to not stop the
truck along the highway and fuck him right there!!! I was that fucking
horny! and he was making it worse... hehehe or should I say better????
lol... I started driving with my left hand and had my right hand all over
HIS body toooo.... when I felt that fucking MASSIVE fucking HARD cock
inside of his pants.... WOW!!! I reached over and unzipped his pants while
driving and pulled his WHOPPER out... fuckkkkkk... that cock must be 10
inches long! And so fucking HARD.... and felt so goooooood in MY
hand.... and then he unzipped me... FUCK, don't you know that I was having
a tough time driving... LOL... and he stroked my cock... and then.... oh
fuck Blake... fuck yeah, you know it... he bent over and licked the tip of
my cock while i was driving and he tasted the precum that was dripping from
slit on my cockhead!!! fucking lucky guy... he was getting to taste me but
poor me, I was having to drive and couldn't taste him yet!! LOL... and
then he started to suck on my cock.... FUCK YEAH... So fucking
wonderful... feeling his mouth work my cock... fuckkkkk.... it was all I
could do to concentrate on driving.

FINALLY, we arrived back at my motel room. we zipped up and looked a
little presentable haha... like we were really gonna stay that way lol lol
lol... and we started up the walkway to the motel room and I grabbed
Timothy... pulled him close to me and fucking kissed him right outside
there... (like I had wished I had kissed YOU outside the Comfort Inn room
that day!!!!)... anyway... kissing him right there... our two fucking HARD
cocks grinding against each other... two fucking hot horny and HARD guys
in heat... fucking hot male heat... man2man... male2male... fucking
boned... fucking ready for MORE!!! We went into the motel room and it
wasn't long until we were both naked... our two masculine male bodies fully
revealed... and my 8 inch uncut cock so fucking HARD and his gotta be 10
inch cut cock so fucking like a steel rod!

We kissed and sucked and played and touched and then Timothy wanted to be
fucked... wanted my big cock up his tight ass... so fuck yeah, Blake, I was
fucking ready! MY HARD PENIS invaded his hot hungry tight man ass
hole... FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK.... mmmmmmmmmmm so fucking good. Then when I
finished, he wanted to fuck me... now, let me tell you Blake... usually
being a top... my asshole is tight... and I knew that HIS FUCKING HUGE
MONSTER OF A COCK was gonna split me wide open!! hehehe... and fuck, it
was so huge... so damn big... so fucking HARD... but inch by inch he
pressed into me and started fucking me..... FUCK BLAKE>>>>>> I do believe
that Timothy's is the biggest cock that had ever been inside my hot tight
man ass!!!!! So fucking hottttt.... damn... he pounded me good... like I
had pounded him earlier.... FUCK YEAH so fucking hotttt Blake!!! Then we
cuddled and played for awhile after that... and got fucking horny
again... and he wanted me to fuck him again.... in fact I fucked him two
more times before we went to sleep in each others arms....

Then around 4 a.m. I awoke.... we were spooning together... Timothy's back
was against my hairy chest.... my arm over him... my hand wrapped around
his fucking nice cock... MY own cock was now fucking HARD again!!!
hehe... and pressing against his nice man ass... I started sliding my cock
up and down his nice ass crack... and then I worked it between his legs. I
felt his tight man ass hole that wasn't so tight right now since I had
already fucked him several times earlier!!!! hehe... and I popped a couple
fingers in and finger fucked him... and then I couldn't stand it any
longer... I just had to pop my cock inside his fucking hot man hole!!!
DAMN, BLAKE, so fucking good... spooning... my cock behind him and going
inside his hot ass... he woke up quick!!! and then started working his ass
backwards pressing it onto my cock more and more and then I was fucking
thrusting inside HIM like crazy... I think I was fucking HARDER and hornier
this time around than I had been earlier... FUCK BLAKE SO FUCKING
HOTTTTT... we fucked like that for a few minutes... me fucking Timothy
from behind... my big HARD 8 inch cock buried in his man ass... fucking him
good.... and soon I shot another hot load of cum inside his hungry
hole... and then when we were done... i kept my cock buried inside
him... it stayed HARD for awhile... and we fell asleep like that... MY
manhood inside of his man ass... until sometime later when it slid out
(probably aided by the cum juices LOL)... We slept for a few hours and
then woke up... and Timothy wanted to be fucked one last time before I took
him back to his place.... FUCK BLAKE... what a night!!!! 5 times I fucked
him.... and one time his massive cock up MY ass.... so fucking hottt. so
fucking goood..... damn right... FUCK YEAH!!! WOW!!!!

I Couldn't Believe It

I have written a story that relates a mostly true event (the false part being that it wasn't my first time with another guy!):

I couldn't believe it. I hadn't seen Anna in a couple of years. Not since
we broke up. She was one of the best girls that I had ever fucked during
my college years. And now I heard that she was married. I was surprised to
run into her at the store, and probably more surprised (well, maybe not!)
that she was coming on to me there... her hands all over me... her
comments... her moves... everything about her. Then she just blurted out,
"Adam, I would love for you to come home with me right now and let you fuck
me for old time's sake!" Damn, I didn't need a second word of
invitation... I was ready right then to go with her. And the memories of
those very hot fuck sessions we had had in times past really had my cock
stirring. The thoughts of being able to bury my cock inside her fucking
hot and dripping wet pussy made me begin to get oh so very HARD. So I
followed her to her house... all the way there my cock was getting harder
and harder in anticipation. I couldn't wait to get my hands and mouth all
over her hot body... to get my penis inside of her cunt again... to fuck
her like I used to fuck her all those many times in college. And the
thoughts of her being a married woman now made it that much more enticing!!
As soon as we got into the house, I grabbed her, and pulled her close. I
know that she could feel the firmness of my male tool as it pressed against
her sexy body. Oh, her kisses made me that much hotter. Her hands on my
body made me want her more. I was slowly undressing her... She was
unbuttoning my shirt. We slowly were making our way towards her bedroom.
I had her blouse off... was undoing her bra... letting out those fucking
gorgeous tits. She had already pulled my t-shirt over my head. Now we
were both naked at the top. And I pulled her close again... feeling the
warmth of her skin against mine. Her hand slid down and carressed my
boner. She began to undo my belt and my zipper... letting my pants drop
to the floor... Before we knew it, we were both completely naked, in her
bedroom, on the bed, our bodies entwined around each other... caressing,
kissing, licking, sucking, touching, fondling, tasting... Damn, I don't
think my cock could get any harder than it was right then. I felt the
wetness of her vagina. I couldn't wait to plow my steel rod inside of her,
just like I had done in the past. Why had I ever let her get away? Oh,
well, at least I had another opportunity to fuck her this afternoon. It
didn't take long until my cock drove into her... inching its way inside of
her dripping wet pussy... until all fucking HARD 8 inches of my cock were
buried inside of her. Then I began to pump in n out of her... fucking
her... in n out... in n out... damn, that felt so wonderful... it had been
too fucking long since I had fucked her. I was enjoying the pleasure of
this fuck session... sampling what was once mine... but what now belonged
to another man! We were in missionary position with me on top of her and in
between her legs. And I was going to town fucking her like I had never
fucked her before!!

All of a sudden I felt a hand on my ass. I didn't think much of it except
that it felt good. Anna used to stroke my ass and pull me closer when we
fucked in the past. But then I realized that one of her hands was around
my neck playing with my neck and ear. And her other hand was between us on
my chest, tickling my nipples. So how could her hand be on my ass when
both of her hands were already occupied on other parts of my body? I
glanced around and freaked. There was her husband standing behind me... it
was HIS hand on my ass. My first thought was, "Damn, I am a dead dude now!
This guy is gonna kill me for fucking his wife." Then I realized that his
hand on my ass wasn't a threatening one... It wasn't like he was gonna
whoop my ass or anything... He was just stroking it... in a playful
manner. And surprisingly I was kind of enjoying it... after the initial
shock of thinking I was about to meet my doom. Anna said, "Don't worry,
Adam! Steve just wants to join in with us... he wants to play too." My
response was, "Really???" Guess it was shock or surprise or ignorance or
disbelief or something, but I really was confused that a guy wanted to play
with me. I really didn't know what to think... In fact it was a new
sensation. Fucking this hot chick I used to screw in college... who is now
married... and her husband is behind me... with his hand on my ass... and I
am still alive to talk about it... and he is undressing... and Anna says he
wants to play with me and her together! Fuckkkkkk!!!! What is going on
here???? Finally I thought, "What the hell? Just go with the flow and
enjoy it... at least I know I enjoy fucking Anna... and let's see what new
things I can experience here!"

So my cock which had begun to shrink when I realized that Steve was behind
me, now began to grow fucking HARD again. I began to concentrate on my man
tool pumping in n out of Anna's fucking hot pussy again... It didn't take
long until my cock was raging hard and working in n out of her. Then I
realized that Steve was playing with my ass again... touching it, kissing
it, licking it... And then he was playing with my balls... DAMN, that felt
so fucking wonderful. My cock in his wife's pussy and he had his hands and
mouth all over my body. It didn't take me long until I started shooting a
huge load of cum deep inside Anna's hot cunt. FUCK, that felt so
good... so strong... so wonderful... like nothing I had ever felt before.
And then I was spent... I pulled out of her and rolled over on my back on
the bed totally exhausted. But then I couldn't believe what happened next.
Steven moved in on my now deflating cock... he began to lick it... to
taste it... licking all his wife's pussy juices off it... tasting also the
man juice that was still dripping from my cock... DAMN, I had never had a
guy go down on my cock before. Wow!! He was much better than any women I
had ever had sucking my man tool. Fuck... the sensations I was
feeling... My cock began to stir again... starting to get HARD all over
again... FUCK, I wanted more... I was ready for more... I was enjoying
Steve working on my cock. I didn't want him to stop. BUT he and Anna had a
different idea. They wanted me to fuck Steve. Ummmmm, me fuck a guy? I
wasn't sure about that... I had definitely never done that before... never
had touched another guy until today... never had a guy suck me... and sure
as hell had never fucked a guy! Yet I was now so fucking horny that I was
willing to do anything. I was so fucking hot that I was ready to fuck
Anna's husband. Ready to try a new experience. He got on all fours,
doggie style, and I entered his ass from behind. Damn, it was tight... so
much tighter than Anna's hot pussy. Fuck! The feeling... the grip of his
ass muscles on my huge HARD cock. Wow! I had never felt anything like this
before. Fuckkkkkk! I love fucking pussy... and I just had a fucking
wonderful time fucking Anna. But this was so different... such a very
different feeling... so tight... so hot... so new... so exciting... so
fucking great! I knew I wouldn't be able to last very long fucking Steve's
hot tight man ass. I knew that I was gonna erupt with a steamy hot
volcanic load of man cum again very soon. Oh, fuck yeah, here it
cums... oh yeah, deep inside Steve's tight ass. Shooting another
load... Oh, man, was I ever exhausted now... First fucking Anna... then
fucking Steve. Wow! I never dreamed when I ran into Anna at the store
that I would end up doing all this!!! What a day... what a fucking great
experience... what an introduction to sex with another guy... what a way to
begin my new life as a bi-guy!!!

Oh, Blake!

This is the 2nd Chapter about my relationship with my hot young lover Blake. Some have told me that they don't like this part of the story -- they say it doesn't make sense, especially if they are not familiar with the music of Exile and their song "Kiss You All Over" -- But that song has a lot of meaning for me and Blake and the story I have written about is completely true:

Oh MY Blake... MY fucking hot and wonderful Blake... MY man...

I just wanted to put in writing my thoughts and feelings of the last couple
of days. Sometimes I can express things so much better in writing than I
can by speaking.

When I awoke on Monday morning, I was soooooo very excited. Yet sooooo
nervous. I drove to Tennessee and worked for several hours. I was happy
when I was getting text messages from you. BUT I was still afraid that our
plans would NOT happen. Maybe I am pessimistic... some would describe me
that way. I however consider myself to be a realist... neither an optimist
or a pessimist. You know the old question, "is the glass half full or half
empty?" They always say that the pessimist says it is half empty and the
optimist says it is half full. But you see, Blake, my perspective on the
question is that the answer depends on another factor. Was the glass full
and then half was poured out? Or was the glass empty and then filled
halfway? Such would be the first questions of a realist like myself. And so
being a realist, I never count on something happening until it happens. I
guess you can say I always hope for the best BUT expect the worst. So you
begin to understand part of my nervousness on Monday because I was hoping
for the best between you and me but at the same time expecting the worst. I
was so afraid that you would change your mind and tell me not to come
there. I was afraid that I would get down there and you would decide not to
meet me. I was afraid that our age difference would put a stop to it all -
- you being an 18 year old college guy and me being a married man the same
age as your dad. I was afraid that if you did meet me then you would not
want to proceed any further. I anticipated your text messages throughout
the day, but at the same time there was a certain amount of dread. The
drive was long from where I was in Tennessee to where you were in
Mississippi, and all the way as I ticked off the four hundred miles I kept
thinking that my dreams of being with you might not really be realized.

BUT, my fucking hot wonderful man BLAKE, the instant you showed up at the
door to room 117 of the Comfort Inn, my fears began to melt away. I could
tell you were nervous too (and you admitted it readily to me!). What I saw
there standing at the door and entering OUR room was a gorgeous perfect
masculine young man (is that being redundant??? LOL). When that door shut
behind you and we shut the world out of our lives at that instant, things
began to happen... wonderful things... things that I will treasure forever
in my mind!!! That first hug, oh my BLAKE. Feeling your hot body squeezed
against me. Your arms, your chest, your shoulders... and I could feel a
certain firmness in your crotch area as we embraced. And then that first
kiss. I think we were both a little unsure about that first kiss. But then
we came back for more... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... and more and more and
more... all night long! But standing there at first, oh the feelings,
Blake. The feelings of our hands carressing each other and hugging each
other through our clothes. The heat, the excitement, the desire... Oh, man,
when my hands went downward from your back to your tight ass.... OH FUCK my
Blake, I loved the feel of YOUR fucking hot tight muscular ass!!!! And then
my hands around to the front, feeling that growing cock of yours, feeling
the firmness, the excitement that was making it stir... just like my cock
was beginning to stir.

We didn't even get our clothes off before we were on the bed groping,
feeling, squeezing, hugging, stroking, loving.... Then our hands began to
find their way under the various articles of clothing. Oh, my Blake that
was a very very nice feeling. And of course it wasn't long until our
clothes began to come off. Our shirts, our pants, our shoes, our socks, our
underwear... until we were both completely naked in the presence of each
other. Oh, MY Blake, what a fucking wonderful sight to see your nude
masculine sexy body in person for the very first time. And I hope you felt
the same about me... although you had a sneak peak with the pics LOL!! Oh,
man, the warmth of your body as these two hot men hugged in the nude for
the very first time. I am talking sizzling hot MY Blake... because you made
me sizzle at the feel of your sizzling hot body. Man, I don't know if I can
adequately describe the feelings and thoughts and desires that were
coursing through my mind at that very instant. My desires were being
fulfilled with YOU. We had wanted this, talked about it, written about it,
planned for it and it was actually coming true... and we were wide awake!!!
It wasn't a dream!!! It was reality and I was loving it so very much.

I keep thinking of Exile's song "Kiss You All Over." WOW, my Blake, that is
forever OUR song. The song starts out, "When I get home, Babe, I'm gonna
light your fire. All day I have been thinking about you, Babe, you're my
one desire." Oh, man, it wasn't when I get home (although the welcome sign
to Mississippi said "It's like coming home!") but when I get to the Comfort
Inn, I am gonna light YOUR fire Blake. All day I had been thinking about
YOU man... and not just all day that day but all day every day for weeks
now. And the song continues... "Gonna wrap my arms around you, hold you
close to me, oh Babe, I wanna taste your lips, I wanna fill your fantasy
yeahhhh." Oh Blake, that happened as soon as you got there. We wrapped our
arms around each other and held each other close and tasted each others
lips and WE began to fulfill our fantasies with each other... oh FUCK

Oh MY Blake, then from there everything continued to mimic the lyrics of
"Kiss You All Over." "Can't believe it is true, when you're laying in my
arms and you do the things you do." Oh Blake... I couldn't hardly believe
it was true. We were laying there in each others arms... and you began to
do the things you do... and I began to do the things I do... and we began
to drive each other absolutely wild with desire. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Blake! Wow,
I fucking enjoyed everything we did. I loved finding those magic spots on
your body that made you go absolutely fucking wild with desire. Playing
with your nipples and finding out that your right nipple is a little more
sensitive than the left! Licking you and kissing you on the neck and around
your ears and feeling YOU surge with wild desire, so fucking turned on by
it. Touching you all over your body, even on the areas that are sooooo very
ticklish to you, and even getting to the point where you weren't so
ticklish in those spots and were enjoying being touched there too. Oh,
Blake, feeling your hot body from head to toe. Playing with your ass,
sucking your cock, licking up and down your cock shaft, letting you fuck my
mouth with your hot cock, tasting your precum, tickling your balls (oh how
I love your bat and balls... we do love things associated with baseball
don't we???), oh man, finding that nice hair you have in your ass crack.
YOU fucking know how excited that made me.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... so
masculine... so fucking hot to play with that hair, running my fingers up
and down that fine masculine ass crack, playing with your hot ass hole...
licking it, blowing air on it, tongue fucking it some and finger fucking it
too. OH, MY BLAKE, I don't know if I can list all the fucking wonderful
things about your body and the exciting things I liked doing with it and
liked you doing to me... So good, so great, so... well, I don't think there
are words that can adequately describe how extraordinary it all was.

Exile's song continues... "You can see it in my eyes, I can feel it in your
touch, you don't have to do a thing, just let me show you how much, I love
you, I need you, Babe." Oh, Blake... your fucking gorgeous blue eyes. They
melt me just like your smile does. I loved looking into your eyes. I loved
seeing your smile. They made me feel so good. So desired. And your touch...
wow, your touch, your excitement, your heat, your thrusting, your rubbing
against me in every position, oh, man, everything about you made me want to
show you how much I wanted you, and needed you... how much I LOVE YOU!

They continue to sing, "I wanna kiss you all over and over again, I wanna
kiss you all over till the night closes in, till the night closes in." Oh
Blake, that is exactly what we did. My dream come true with you... I told
you how all these years I have never had the opportunity to spend a night
with a man. YOU are the first man I have ever spent the night with in the
same bed all night long. Oh, man, I can't begin to tell you how special
this night was for me with YOU. All the things we did all night long, till
the night closed in on us and then we were sleeping together for awhile and
then waking up and making passionate love again and again and again all
night long. Our arms and legs entwined, feeling all our body parts against
each other, your hot and hard cock against me and mine against yours, the
heat of our bodies coursing between us. As Exile puts it, "Stay with me,
lay with me, holding me, loving me, Baby, here with me, near with me,
feeling you close to me, Baby." Oh, my Blake, that describes it exactly.
You staying there with me, laying with me, holding me, loving me, while I
did all of that to YOU as well. Wow!!! YES! OH FUCK YESSSSS!!! MY BLAKE...
YOU DID ALL OF THAT TO ME and I got to do all of that to YOU.

Oh Blake, I don't think I have even begun to put into words what I feel
about the other night. So many thoughts, so many feelings, so many good
memories. Our cocks going from soft to HARD, and then retreating for a bit,
and then getting FUCKING HARD again and again. Just our hands and mouths
all over each other. Mmmmmmmmmmm! And feeling you shoot your fucking hot
load of cum all over me... the steam... it was sooooo fucking good. And me
unloading my cum on you. Oh what a sight to see... my cum hitting all over
MY Blake, my lover, my dream cum true. I feel like maybe I didn't perform
enough for you with my cock. Maybe we expected to have more orgasms than we
did, BUT it really could NOT have been any better than it was. I thoroughly
enjoyed myself all night long. And I enjoyed pleasing you, loving you,
holding you, teasing you, kissing you, sucking you... all night long. Oh
the feelings of having a man in bed with me for the duration of the
night. Waking up together, playing together, pressing against each other.

There are sooooo many good pictures in my mind of you and your hot body.
You are so sensitive, so caring, so loving, so sweet, so sexy, so
masculine, so gorgeous, so perfect... MY BLAKE!!! And then I think of
seeing you in the mirror across the room from the bed... You were lying on
top of me and I could see your gorgeous body and your fucking hot ass in
that mirror. The reflection reminded me so much of that hot pic of the guy
on the phone... the one that you said is like you when we talk..... OH FUCK
in the reflection that it was ME that you were lying on top of... and my
hands carressing that hot ass of yours, feeling that ass crack, playing
with that manly hair that trails through there.... OH BLAKE I AM SO FUCKING
HARD thinking about that right now!!!

And then it came to the parting time. You know I don't like goodbyes. So
difficult. Especially not knowing how soon we can get together again. I
miss you so much. I missed you as soon as you left. I hated seeing you
drive away. And I regret one thing as we parted. I regret that while you
were at the car about to get in it that I didn't give you a better a
hug... a real hug... like we did inside the room. I regret that I didn't go
right ahead and kiss you goodbye right there beside your car. I wanted to
so badly. I couldn't hardly stand it. BUT I guess I was too afraid that
someone would witness that. And as I think back now, I wish I had just gone
ahead and done that. Sometimes maybe we worry too much about what others
think. Oh, BLAKE, my Blake, I wished I had given you the passionate goodbye
kiss I wanted to right there beside your car!

It has been almost 24 hours since we parted. That has been the most
difficult 24 hours I can remember. I think it is worse than the hours
leading up to our getting together. It is so much harder now because we
enjoyed our time together so very much and want more of it. Blake, we need
to get back together again very soon... I don't know exactly how or when
but we need to work on doing that. I so want that and I hope you want the
same. I hope that as you reflect back on everything now that there are no
regrets... I hope that everything was just as perfect for you as it was for

I do have to tell you something very strange though. You know when my wife
called Tuesday morning. That was extremely odd because she rarely calls me
at that time. But she was concerned because of what she had dreamed during
the night. She dreamed that I had left her for someone else and that
someone else was a man! Seriously, that is what she told me. Oh, Blake, I
don't ever want to hurt my wife... I do love her and love my kids and don't
want to hurt any of them. But it is so weird that my wife had that dream
about me while I was with YOU! So that is the reason she called, to check
on me... and she can tell by my voice when something is a little strange.
She told me that I sounded like I was with someone and that I wasn't
alone. (IF she only knew who I was with and what a fucking gorgeous male
body I was staring at and touching while talking to her...). She senses
something... I don't understand how women can sense things but she does....
But that is an aside, Blake, and it doesn't take away from my feelings and
desires for YOU. I hope my telling you about this doesn't frighten you or
make you want to give up on US. That is not my intention. I don't want US
to end, Blake. You are my dream cum true.

I love you Blake!

And MY fucking hot man, thanks for making the other night soooooo
absolutely perfect!


Blake is one fucking hot college guy that I enjoyed a relationship with. I am totally amazed at how much fun we have had together especially considering our age difference. This story relates our first experiences:

On my way home from a business trip, I made a stop in a Mississippi college
town. I had about 6 hours to go and was trying to stay awake so I stopped
at the local Starbucks. Sitting at the table next to me was a hot prep boy
from the local college. Looking at him was enough to wake me up -- no
caffeine necessary! He was a gorgeous young male specimen -- almost 6
feet tall, a swimmer's build, dark hair, the dreamiest blue eyes, a sexy
smile, and wearing a blue shirt that really brought out the color of his
eyes. Wow, what I would give to be with him for awhile. I struck up a
conversation with him and found out his name is Blake and he is an 18 year
old freshman in college. Oh, man, here I am a bi-dad looking for a college
son to spend some time with but thought I would never have a chance with
this dude because it turns out that I am the same age as his dad. And I
have kids close to the age of this hot prep boy. Man, it had been awhile
since I had played with another guy, any guy, of any age... and it was
really turning me on to think what it would be like fucking around with
Blake. Would he be interested in getting with a guy or was he totally
straight? And if he was bi or gay, would he be interested in a man my age,
someone his dad's age? And if so, then how would this progress?

As I sat there watching him and talking casually with him, my cock began to
throb. Man, it really began to do more than just throb -- it began to
grow inside my jeans, straining against the material. And then I noticed
him watching my crotch -- he was looking at the bulge in my jeans.
Hmmmmm, maybe I did have a chance with this young dude! The conversation
turned to girlfriends (hmmmm, maybe I didn't have a chance with him). But
then he said he had dated girls but really wasn't that interested in being
serious with any of them right now -- hmmmm, that might increase my
chances with him. So then I decided to get more bold and come right out
and ask him if he considered himself to be str8, bi, or gay.... And the
answer pleased me because he answered that he thought he might be bi. But
he didn't really know for sure because he really was a virgin with the
girls and had never had an opportunity to play around with guys although he
thought he might like doing that. Wow, he was opening up to me and this
really could be going somewhere. And yes, he admitted that he would be
willing to play around with me even though I am his dad's age -- but he
really made my day when he told me that he didn't think I looked that old!

Man, things were really beginning to heat up until this other dude walked
up and sat down at his table. Who in the hell was this jerk that was
intruding on me and Blake? I saw the disgust on Blake's face as he told me
that this was his college roomie. Obviously there wasn't a whole lot of
love toward his roommate and it was plain to see how obnoxious the guy was.
Damn, just when things were heating up between Blake and me, this asshole
interrupts us and evidently didn't have any intention of leaving us alone.
Unfortunately, my time was running short and I was gonna have to get on the
road again. As I left, I slipped Blake my business card with my email
address and cell phone number. My hopes were that if he were interested in
me that he might contact me and something quite possibly could develop
between us in the near future. But I knew that this was probably a big
"if" so I wasn't going to get my hopes up too much. But then again, can't
a guy dream?

And dream I did... I dreamed of my few minutes with this hot prep boy at
Starbucks... I dreamed of how fucking hot he looked... I dreamed of all the
things I wanted to do with Blake.... I dreamed that he would contact me
and that we would really get together.

Then a couple days after I had met Blake, he contacted me on my cell phone.
The conversation was soooooo fucking hot. He really was horny, hot, HARD,
wanting to fuck around with another man. Was this too good to be true? But
all of a sudden he was gone. The phone line had gone dead. Was this the
end of the line for Blake and me? Probably.

But then I got an email from him apologizing for hanging up so suddenly.
It was his roommate again -- the asshole. He had skipped class and come
back to the room early right in the middle of our conversation. Damn, who
is this jerk that has a knack for interrupting Blake and me? But the email
gave me hope. And along with the email Blake sent a fucking hot picture of
himself. No longer did I have to rely on my memory of what he looked like
(as if I could forget what this fucking hot prep boy looks like) because
now I could stare at his picture, drooling over him, and wishing even more
that I was right there with this young dude doing everything that he and I
both were dreaming of.

Over the next few weeks, my relationship with Blake began to grow into
quite a good friendship. We talked about anything and everything -- but
of course we enjoyed concentrating on hot sex talk the most, talking about
everything we would want to do with each other. Oh, man, I would get so
fucking HARD when I talked with him. And whenever I got an email, voice
mail, instant message, or text message from him I would get so excited.
Man he made me feel so very good, so sexy, so hot, so horny, and so wanting
to fuck around with him. I was really enjoying my cyber sex and phone sex
with Blake, my fucking hot young friend. Man, just hearing how excited he
would get on the phone, hearing him moan, with quickening breath as he got
closer and closer to a hot volcanic eruption of his sperm juice, that would
bring me to a fucking quick and explosive orgasm as well. Wow, this was
really heating up. And I knew that I couldn't go much longer without
getting with Blake in person again. This time someplace alone where his
fucking (negative sense of the word!) roomie couldn't interrupt Blake and
me fucking (positive sense of the word!) with each other. We needed to
plan this soon and one day we began to put the plans into motion.

Finally, I was going to get with Blake for some fucking hot man2man sex. I
made arrangements to drive the 6 hours back to Mississippi to meet him. I
had reservations at a hotel close to his college and he was going to spend
the whole night with me. Just Blake and me -- no need to worry about his
asshole roommate bothering us this time. I fucking couldn't wait. The day
of our planned get-together seemed like it would never get here. And then
when I started on the trip down there, the miles seemed so long -- I
didn't think I would ever get down to that last mile where I would end up
where Blake was waiting for me. But I finally got there. And, oh man, I
was so fucking horned when I got there, ready for action with my young man
friend, Blake.

We checked into the hotel and then headed directly to our room -- without
passing "go"-- directly to our hotel room where we both expected a
passionate night ahead. As soon as we were inside the door, barely getting
the door closed, I wrapped Blake in my arms, holding him close, hugging
him, kissing him. My hands all over his body, and his hands on my bod. Oh,
fuckkkkk, this is what I had been waiting so long for. Blake and
me. Together. Ready for whatever we can do with each other -- two hot men
ready to do anything and everything we can with each other. Blake begins
to unbutton my shirt and runs his fingers thru my chest hairs. I in turn
unbutton his shirt and run my fingers over his young smooth chest.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, feels so fucking nice. Then both of our shirts are off. And
our hands are touching all over each other's chest, shoulders, necks, arms,
backs, stomachs -- skin to skin. Touching, caressing, kissing,
tonguing.... Then I reach down below his waist and feel his fucking HARD
cock inside of his jeans. He does the same to me. Oh, man, our two cocks
harder than ever. The excitement of it all. I unzip his jeans, and reach
inside of his boxers at the same time that he unzips my pants and moves his
hand inside of my Calvin Klein briefs. Oh, man, fuck yeah, I love the feel
of his hand on my fucking HARD cock especially while my hand is stroking
his young HARD college-aged cock. It doesn't take long until our clothes
are all in a pile on the floor. We are naked together for the first time -
- this hot prep boy and this bi-dad looking for college son. A perfect
combination. Oh, man yes. Feeling each other, stroking, licking,
kissing.... And then I cannot resist anymore. I have to have his hot young
HARD cock inside my mouth. I get on my knees in front of him and take that
fucking man tool inside my hot mouth. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh fuck yeah man,
mmmmmmmmmmm. So fucking good. I have waited so long to do this to Blake
and I am fucking loving every minute of it. Then we end up in a 69. Man
his mouth is so good on my cock. Oh, man, making me feel so very good. So
sexy, so horny, so hot, so HARD, so good, so very fucking good.

I begin to play with Blake's hot tight ass. So very tight -- this hot ass
that has never been fucked. I try to open him up to get him ready to
accommodate my fucking 8 inch HARD cock. But I don't know if his tight
asshole is ready for my big dick. And then I decide that even though I am
usually top, I want Blake's steel rod up my ass. I want this hot prep boy
to fuck my ass with his fucking HARD man tool. Oh, man, yes -- oh fuck
yes -- I want Blake to fuck me -- his first time fucking man or woman and
it is with ME! Oh, yeah, hurts so good -- his fucking nice cock deep
inside of me fucking in n out, in n out, in n out, oh fuck yeah! I know
that my time to fuck Blake will cum soon enough but right now it is his
turn to fuck me -- to enjoy himself in his first man2man fuck session.
Oh, man, Blake, the things YOU do to ME!!!!!! Don't stop, man, fucking
don't stop!

Oh, man, all night long we fuck together and then sleep together and then
fuck some more. Oh, yeah, holding each other close. Enjoying each other's
hot masculine bodies. Two hot guys enjoying fucking hot man2man sex
together all night long. Two hot guys just getting as close as we possibly
can. Oh, man, this is what I had dreamed of for so long and now my dreams
have cum true. I have no idea how many loads of cum we both shot that
night. Blake shot several, but you could expect that from a hot and horny
18 year old. But me, oh, man, he had me so fucking hot that I shot several
loads just like a hot and horny 18 year old that night. WOW what a night.
The first of many more to cum with my hot young lover Blake. (And no more
interruptions from his asshole college roommate!)

I Met Him Online

We all have met guys (or girls) online... and here is a true story about a guy I met online:

I love spending time online in a gay chat room seeing who I can meet.
Sometimes there is a wide variety of hot guys online chatting while other
times there is nobody of interest to me. This particular night was one of
those times when there really was nobody of interest. I tried
conversations with a few guys which led nowhere. Seems like all the hot
guys were off partying somewhere else this night. I was about ready to
logoff when a screen name caught my eye because it included the year I was
born - - ricky19XX. I clicked on his name and started a private

[bi-guy> what's up?]
[ricky19XX> a nice hard cock here LOL]
[bi-guy> same here]
[ricky19XX> just what I like]
[ricky19XX> stats?
[bi-guy> 6' 180 brn hair/eyes, close beard, 8" uc]

And when he responded with his stats it was amazing how much alike we were.
Further discussion revealed that we were indeed both born in the same year
(19XX), both graduated from high school the same year, both are married,
both have kids, both are the oldest son of six siblings, both have a lot of
other similarities. Then later in our conversation we found out that we
both share the same name - - his real name is Adam too! (And our first and
last initials are identical). Our main difference seemed to be that his
cock is cut while mine is uncut.

[bi-guy> does ur wife know u r into guys?]
[ricky19XX> hell no]
[bi-guy> LOL neither does mine]
[ricky19XX> so how long have u been into guys?]
[bi-guy> as long as I can remember - first real experience was in h.s.]

The conversation continued along those lines with us sharing about some of
our early experiences.

[ricky19XX> so what do u like to do with guys?]
[bi-guy> u name it and I luv it]
[ricky19XX> such as?]
[bi-guy> kissing... touching... licking... fondling... stroking...
sucking... fucking...]
[ricky19XX> cool]
[bi-guy> and having all those things done to me...]

We chatted back and forth about some of our more recent experiences with
men and what we liked the most. This talk was getting me hot. And I think
it is safe to say that all this talk was getting him hot too. Then things
really started heating up. We began with the cyber sex.

[ricky19XX> if I had u here with me right now I would start by slowly
unbuttoning ur shirt]
[bi-guy> go on...]
[ricky19XX> I would be running my hands all over ur chest]
[bi-guy> and?]
[ricky19XX> feeling those hot muscles and all that gorgeous chest hair that
u have]
[bi-guy> oh, fuck yeah, I would luv that]
[ricky19XX> but I wouldn't stop there]
[bi-guy> and I wouldn't want u 2 - - LOL]
[ricky19XX> I'd work my way down below ur waist]

He continued telling me the things he would do with various parts of my
body and I told him the things I would love to be doing to him right now.
Damn, I was getting so fucking HARD. My cock was stretched to its full 8
inches and harder than a steel rod. I wanted this guy in my arms and I
wanted to do all the things we were talking about online.

[ricky19XX> I'll start sucking on ur man tool]
[bi-guy> do it man]
[ricky19XX> first licking it like a sweet tasting lollipop only this tastes
even better]
[bi-guy> mmmmmm]
[ricky19XX> I luv the taste of a man's cock]
[bi-guy> I'm glad u do and u can taste mine all u want]
[ricky19XX> working my way down the shaft... licking every inch of this
hard stick]
[ricky19XX> tickling ur balls with my tongue]
[ricky19XX> and then going back up and enveloping the head of ur cock with
my lips]
[bi-guy> oh fuck man, the pre-cum is dripping from my hard cock right now]
[ricky19XX> then I'll go for ur whole cock in my mouth]
[bi-guy> oh, man, yesssssssssssssssssssssss]
[ricky19XX> letting u fuck my mouth with your man tool]
[bi-guy> yeah, man... just the way I like it]
[bi-guy> but I want to taste ur cock 2]
[ricky19XX> sure man, I'll let u]
[bi-guy> let me suck ur cock while u r sucking mine]
[ricky19XX> k, 69 is one of my favorite things... LOL]

This hot conversation about cock sucking continued... getting hotter and
hotter. Oh, fuck, my cock was really lubing itself with all my pre-cum
dripping from it. Every few seconds I would quit typing to stroke my stiff
cock a few times, thinking about all the things this guy was telling me
online - - all the things that this Adam wanted to be doing with the other
Adam. Oh, fuck, yeah, he was getting me so very hot online. I don't know
when my cock had ever been so fucking HARD like it was right then. Our
fucking hot cyber sex continued.

[bi-guy> licking ur tight ass hole]
[ricky19XX> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm]
[bi-guy> getting u nice and wet with my mouth]
[ricky19XX> ooooohhhhhh, mannnnnn]
[bi-guy> and I start darting my tongue in n out of your hot opening]
[bi-guy> in n out... in n out... in n out...]
[ricky19XX> gawd, yessssssss]
[bi-guy> then I run my middle finger down ur ass crack]
[bi-guy> tickling u with it and then zeroing in on your sphincter muscles
with it]
[ricky19XX> oh, man u r driving me wild]
[bi-guy> that is exactly what I want to do]
[bi-guy> then I begin to finger fuck u]
[bi-guy> fucking u in n out with my finger]
[ricky19XX> oh yeah man do it]
[ricky19XX> fuck me with ur finger]
[bi-guy> yeah, man, just like I did with my tongue]
[bi-guy> my finger going in n out of ur tight hole]
[bi-guy> in n out... in n out... in n out...]
[ricky19XX> yesssssssssssssss]
[bi-guy> then 2 fingers... fucking u with 2 of my fingers]
[bi-guy> working ur ass with my fingers]
[bi-guy> finger fucking u]
[ricky19XX> oh man yes]
[bi-guy> then working in another finger... 3 of them now]
[bi-guy> stretching ur hot tight ass out]
[ricky19XX> oh, fuck yeah man]
[bi-guy> working ur ass with my fingers stretching it and getting it ready
for my big cock]
[ricky19XX> I want ur cock so bad...]
[ricky19XX> fuck, I want it soooooooo bad...]
[ricky19XX> but I don't think I can handle ur big 8 inches...]
[bi-guy> I bet u can... cause I am stretching ur ass and getting it ready
for my big cock]
[bi-guy> u will be begging for my tool deep inside of ur ass]
[ricky19XX> oh yeah man I want ur hot HARD cock]
[ricky19XX> I want it now man]
[bi-guy> sure man, take it]

I proceed to tell him how I will stuff his tight man ass with my big man
tool. Describing in detail to him the different positions we will fuck in.
Doggy style first. Then him sitting on my cock and riding it like a
bucking bronco. Then his legs over my shoulders, gazing into each others
eyes as we fuck. Oh, yeah, as my big hard 8 inch cock drives into him in
all these positions. In and out... In and out... In and out... my hard
cock pumping his hot ass, fucking him. He begs for more of my cock,
wanting it deeper and harder. Hot cyber sex that has my cock so fucking
hard and so fucking wet from pre-cum as I sit in front of this computer
chatting with Adam online.

Then it cums to the point of climax. All this cyber fucking has me so very
turned on and it must have him the same way. Our chat continues...

[ricky19XX> oh, fuck man, I am getting close]
[bi-guy> same here guy]
[ricky19XX> I can't hold back much longer]
[ricky19XX> I'm going to shoot my load]
[bi-guy> do it man, shoot ur load]
[ricky19XX> yeah man, here it cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk]
[ricky19XX> oh, man, I'm shooting this manjuice everywhere. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm]
[bi-guy> yeah, man, I'm about to shoot my load too]
[bi-guy> I want to shoot it deep inside ur hot ass, u hot fucker]
[ricky19XX> yeah, dude, give it to me... shoot ur hot load of sperm juice
deep in my ass]
[bi-guy> cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming]
[bi-guy> yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]
[bi-guy> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm]
[bi-guy> oh, man, what a fucking huge load of cum I just shot]

If only we were there in person. If only this was really happening in the
flesh. If only he had really sucked my cock... and me his. If only I had
really been fucking this hot dude. If only he had really shot his hot load
of cum all over me and I had really shot my hot load deep inside of his hot
ass. Oh, man, this was one hot cyber sex chat online but it fucking
doesn't compare to having the real thing - - real man2man sex in the flesh
- - two hot guys doing everything to each other in real life - - pleasing
each other in ways that only a man can please another man.

Here was one hot guy that I had been conversing with online. I wish I was
there in person. But then I found out that I live 450 miles away from him.
Damn! Why is it that the good ones seem to always be so far away. We
exchanged e-mail addresses. I hoped this guy would communicate with me
again. There seemed to be a special bond with him. Something I couldn't
explain. Yes, we shared a lot of similarities but something was really
drawing me to him in a way that I never have been to a guy before.

I was thrilled to death when I got an e-mail from Adam the next day. I
responded immediately. It was amazing. We sometimes sent messages back
and forth 8 or 10 times a day. We shared everything. We were so fucking
similar. Like soul mates. I felt like I had known him all my life. We
began talking on the phone. Oh, man, we had some good hot talk online and
in e-mails, but the phone sex was exceptionally hot. Just to hear his
masculine voice. To hear him describe the things he wanted to do to me.

We exchanged pictures through e-mail. Damn, he was just as hot as I had
pictured him. So very hot. I wanted him so very much. My mind was
constantly on him, thinking about him everyday, all day long. And every
time I fuck my wife, in my mind I am fucking him. I fantasize that I am
making love to Adam. Adam2Adam - - the two of us Adams fucking with each
other. But then I have my orgasm shooting my jism deep and when it is over
I realize that it was really my wife that I was fucking and not the other
Adam. Oh, man, I wanted him so fucking much. BUT there is the matter of
us both being married. AND there is the matter of there being 450 miles
between us. Oh, fuck, married was bad enough, but the distance made it
worse. When would we ever get together? How could it ever be possible?

And then I started to think, "what if he isn't like I have imagined? What
if I am disappointed? What if he has lied about himself? Guys often tell
lies about their stats. The guy that says he weighs 180 really weighs 250
(he meant to tell that it was when he was in college that he weighed 180).
And the guy that says he has dark brown hair really is bald (he meant to
say that he used to have dark brown hair). And the guy who says he is 35
is really 53 (oops, typo!!). And the guy who looks hot in the pictures he
sends you neglects to tell you that these pictures were taken a few years
back when he was younger and in better shape than he is now. So was I
setting myself up for a big let down with my man Adam? I hoped not. But
how would I know if I never met him in person? Our communications for the
last few months had been so good, whether online, or in e-mails, or by
phone. We shared everything. Not just sex talk. But everything - -
although we especially loved the sex talk!!! The bond was increasing more
and more. We had become best of friends and we had never met in person.
We shared deeply from our hearts. We told more to each other than even our
own wives knew about us. Oh, so much more.

Then there came the day that I was driving the 450 miles to see Adam. I
had to see him. I had to see what would happen. I had to see if we had
what we thought we had. But of course, both of us being married this was
no small feat especially with the distance. I left home very early in the
morning while it was still dark. I was so excited, but I was so scared. I
wanted to meet Adam, but I was afraid it would not be everything I had
dreamed about. The miles between us were decreasing. In a few hours I
would be there and we would be together in person. And then I arrived at
our meeting place. We had decided to meet on neutral ground in an area
where no one would know us. We decided that we would begin in a
restaurant. Just talking. Getting comfortable with each other. I saw him
drive up. He got out of his truck and I got out of mine. Oh, man, he was
everything that he said he was. He was just like I had expected - - even
more so. He was so fucking hot. I hoped that he thought the same of me.
As we walked toward each other he smiled and I smiled back. Oh, man, his
smile warmed my heart. And his eyes were melting me. We reached out for
each other and gave each other a great big hug. We didn't care who was
watching. My arms around his body and his arms around me. Oh, man, it
felt so good to be in his arms. I wanted to cling to him forever. He
looked into my eyes and I looked into his eyes. Oh, man this fucking hot
guy had me wrapped in his arms and was looking deeply into my eyes and my
desires for him were taking over. I couldn't resist. I had to kiss him.
Not just a quick kiss on the cheek but a deep kiss on the lips. Oh, man,
what fucking hot lips he had. It felt so good for my lips to be pressed
against his very kissable lips. We lingered, we enjoyed the feelings, and
I could feel a hard lump in his pants pressing against a similar growing
mound in mine. Reluctantly we finally separated our bodies. No matter how
much we wanted to, there was no way that we could make love and fuck right
there in the parking lot!!! And we had already decided that we were going
to take it slow and easy and make it last. We would attempt to enjoy a
meal together first. Getting to know each other in person before we took
our relationship to the next level. Could we make it through a whole meal
or would our desires quickly lead us to fulfill our sexual desires with
each other?

It was a quiet, romantic restaurant. We had a quiet table in the back. He
kept touching my arm, and grabbing my hand. We kept looking into each
others eyes. Oh, man, I loved his brown eyes. So warm and so sexy and so
inviting. And his facial hair really was turning me on too. He was so
masculine, so manly, so wonderful. We were playing footsy under the table.
I felt his legs rubbing against mine. Oh, I wanted to feel them closer. I
wanted his skin on mine. But it wasn't time yet. We enjoyed our meal. We
were so comfortable with each other. So fucking comfortable with each
other. I had never felt so comfortable with another man in all my years of
life. I love this guy. He is everything that I thought he would be. My
desires are stronger. I want him. I want him bad. I want to make love
with him. I want to fuck. I want to do everything with him that we talked
about in the chat room, in our e-mails, and on the phone. I couldn't
hardly stand it. I was ready to head to the hotel where we would go to the
next level in our relationship. Would it be as good as cyber? Would it be
as good as phone? I had a sneaking suspicion that it was going to be even
better!!!! Finally, we were going to be together in person, flesh to
flesh, man2man, Adam2Adam.

We checked in at the hotel, found our room, and put the "do not disturb"
sign on the door. I hoped this would be a long afternoon with this man.
As soon as we were in the room, he grabbed me again, and started kissing
me. Oh, fuck, he was getting me so very hot with this kiss. His tongue
darting in and out of my mouth, playing with my tongue. Our hands feeling
each other through our clothes. Our desires were getting very passionate.
He reached up and slowly began to unbutton my shirt. He was slowly
revealing my muscular chest with all its chest hairs. He was running his
hands all over my chest under the material of my shirt. He kept teasing my
nipples. They were already very erect, just like my cock was getting
inside of my jeans. Eventually he took off my shirt and then I worked on
getting his shirt off. Oh, man, it felt so fucking good to have my bare
chest rubbing against his. So warm, so sexy, so good.

He was moving his hands downward while he was hugging me. He started
squeezing my ass through my jeans. Oh, man, it felt so good. His hands on
my body. Then he moved one hand around to the front and started fondling
the huge lump that had developed within the zippered area of my jeans. Oh,
fuck, I loved the feel of his nice manly hands caressing my cock. But I
wanted to feel his hands directly on my cock and not through the material
of my jeans. He reached over and started unbuckling my belt and then began
to slowly unzip my jeans. He was now playing with my hard cock through the
material of my briefs. Oh, man, this was feeling wonderful. Oh, fuck,
yeah. So very good. I reached over and did the same to his pants. Soon
we were both standing there with nothing but our white briefs on - - briefs
that had quite huge bulges straining the material to the max. My 8 inch
HARD cock was straining so very hard to be freed from my underwear. And
his oh so very HARD man tool was about to burst right through his

He got down on his knees in front of me. Oh, man, was he really doing this
to me? He was putting his mouth on my cloth covered cock. I could feel
his hot breath coming through the material, making my cock get even harder.
Then he started to lower my briefs with his teeth. Oh, man, he was freeing
my manhood from its constraints. As he lowered my briefs, my cock bounced
straight up revealing its full hardness for him. Oh, man, I was so fucking
hard. Harder than I ever imagined I could get. And my testicles lowered.
What a fucking hot sight this must've been. My manhood in all its glory
with his hot mouth working on it. Oh, fuck, did it feel good. His mouth,
his lips, his tongue all over my cock and balls. Oh, shit, if he doesn't
stop this then I am going to fucking shoot my load before another minute
goes by. I am so very hot. He is making me feel so fucking good. My cock
is fucking his mouth right now. It feels so good, so fucking good. The
warmth of his hot mouth on my very hot cock. Fuck yeah. But I reluctantly
stop him before I get too close to shooting a load of hot cum. I want to
hold back. I want to enjoy him. I want to make it last as long as
possible. I pull my cock from his mouth and then I get down on the floor
in front of him and start to work on his stiff tool. Oh, man, it tastes so
good. I love the taste of his cock. His pre-cum is so yummy (what other
way can I explain it??). It is flowing freely, just like mine. He swings
himself around and as I am sucking on his nice cock, he begins to work on
mine again. Oh, fuck, Adam2Adam, both of us sucking each other. He is one
hot guy.

Now we stop. We are both getting too close to orgasm and we aren't ready
yet. We want to enjoy each other. We want it to last. We have all
afternoon. We want to feel every possible sensation that two guys can feel
with each other. We get onto the bed. Both of us naked. Hugging each
other. Our chests pressed against the other. Our legs entwined. Our big
thick hard cocks pressing against each other, dueling each other as if two
swords in a sword fight. His cut cock rubbing against my uncut cock. The
feel of our hot fucking cocks enjoying each other. The shafts rubbing
against each other. The sensitive area under our cockheads tickling the
other. Our pre-cum mixing together as it leaks from the hole at the tip of
each HARD dick. Oh, the sensation of that natural lube as our two penises
rub against each other. Man, if I wasn't careful I would be shooting my
load of manjuice while just rubbing my cock against his. But not yet, I
want to hold it off for awhile longer.

I am getting so hot with his hot manly body rubbing against mine. Feeling
all his muscles. Feeling his chest, his arms, his neck, his face, his
legs, his manhood, his all. Every part of his male body touching every
part of my male body. What a fucking hot picture, these two guys making
love to each other, kissing each other, feeling each other, playing with
each other. His hands all over my body. On my neck, on my shoulders, on
my chest, on my back, on my arms, on my legs, inside my legs, closing in on
my cock and my balls. Tickling me, stirring my lust, making me want him
even more. And my hands, all over him. On every part of his body, copying
the moves that he has shown me with his hands. Our hands stroking each
others hard steel rods. Squeezing, milking, pumping, fondling, caressing,
playing... Oh, fuck yeah, this feels so fucking good. I am so very glad
that I have made this 450 mile trip to consummate my desires with MY lover
that I discovered online in that chat room. He is so fucking hot. He is
making me feel so fucking good. I love him. I want him. I need him.

I can't take much more. I have to fuck him. I want to feel my cock deep
inside his ass. And though I have for the most part in the past been a
top, I also want him to fuck me. I want his cock in my ass so very bad. I
have never wanted a cock like I want his. We start out with him sitting on
my cock facing me. He is riding my cock like a fucking bucking bronco.
While he is riding up and down on my extremely hard cock, I have my hands
on his fucking hard man tool. Stroking his cock with my hands as he
strokes my cock with his tight ass hole. Oh, man, it feels so fucking
good. We have become one. My hard spear deep inside of him. He is
bouncing up and down on me. Oh, man, getting close to shooting again but
not yet - - we want to hold off for awhile longer. Then he gets on his
back with his legs over my shoulders and I invade his ass again. I am
looking straight into his beautiful eyes. I see his desire for me in his
eyes. He sees my desire for him in my eyes. Oh, fuck, we are in sync. He
is so hot. I am so hot. We are sizzling. We are burning with desire for
each other. I am fucking him. In and out. Deeper. Harder. In and out.
In and out....

We switch places. My nearly virgin ass is begging for his big tool. I
want it so bad. I want him to fuck me. Oh, man, it hurts so good. He is
gentle with me. Going slowly. Pressing his gorgeous hot and horny cock
into my oh so tight ass hole. Oh, man, it hurt but I wanted more of it.
It feels so good. I want more of it. I want him to become one with me by
being inside of me. Oh, fuck, I love the way his cock feels in my ass. I
love the way he is fucking me. I love him. He is giving me sensations I
have never experienced before. Oh, fuck yeah.

We are both getting close to orgasm. We can't hardly stand it. We are
going to have to release all this semen very soon. It is boiling inside of
us. It is heating up deep inside our balls. Getting ready for a volcanic
eruption. I can feel it getting closer. I can feel him getting closer. I
can tell by the way he is tensing his muscles. He can tell by the way my
body is reacting. I can tell by the way he is breathing. So hot and heavy
and sexy. He can tell by my excited breathing. He pulls his cock out of
my tight ass. He lays on top of me. His chest on my chest. Our chest
hairs tickling each other. He is kissing me on the neck, ever so lightly.
His hands are on my body. His legs are against my legs. His naked body
feels so fucking good. Our hot, hard, horny cocks are pressed together
between our stomachs. Oh, fuck, I can't hold back much longer. I am so
fucking hot. He is so fucking hot. Kissing, feeling, touching, breathing,
licking, hugging. Our cocks pressed together. Our bodies embracing - -
locked together. And I can't hold back another second. With our cocks
together between our stomachs my cock begins to erupt. A hot explosive
eruption of cum is shooting all over his cock, and my cock, and his
stomach, and my stomach. Oh, man, what an explosion of cum. And then I
feel his body tensing and he begins to let loose his steaming load of cum
right down there in the same place I did. Our hot seed mixing together all
over our fucking hot bodies. It feels so fucking good. We stay locked in
each others arms. Breathing so hard. So exhausted. So satisfied. So
thrilled. We feel the warmth of each others bodies. We feel the cum
running together. We are worn out. Sleepy. We fall asleep in each others
arms. Man2man. Adam2Adam.

We awake a short time later. Our hands exploring each other again. Oh,
fuck, my cock is stirring again. Oh, man, his is too. We are both getting
hard again. I know that it will only be a short while before we are
sucking and fucking again. We lie there enjoying each other. Relishing
each others bodies. Playing with each other. Loving each other.
Marveling how this relationship all started when I met him online. It will
be interesting to see where it leads from here.

Unexpected Events

Here is a story that is totally fiction that I developed around a picture that I saw:

You won't believe what happened to me on Friday. I had several errands to
run for work that day. I work for a construction company and there are
always some odds and ends that have to be taken care of. One of the things
I had to do was to go to a job site and take some pictures of some
structures we had built at a state park. I had the company's digital camera
to take the pictures so I trekked thru the woods to the area where we had
worked and took a bunch of pictures of the job and then started to head
back towards where I was parked.

The path was along a deep ravine with a mountain river flowing
through. When I rounded a corner my eye caught something in the woods way
across the other side of the ravine. I could make out that there were some
people over there. And then I noticed that it appeared that they didn't
have any clothes on. I used the viewfinder and zoom on the digital camera
and you wouldn't believe what I saw.

There were 3 fucking hot guys going at it. Oh, man, what a show I was being
treated to. I saw sucking, and kissing, and licking, and stroking, and
fucking. I zoomed all the way in on the 3 as much as I could and got a
picture with the digital camera. I guess because I was so far away and
using such high zoom that the picture came out a little fuzzy but it sure
shows all a blond guy was in the middle taking it in his ass from behind by
a muscular dark haired dude. The other stud, also dark haired, was in
front of the blond feeding him his cock. The damn thing that made me mad
was that after I took that picture there was no more fucking room in the
memory of the camera since I had fucking used it up on the job site
pictures that I had to have. Man, I wish I had more pictures of what I saw.

Anyway, I was also determined to find a way to get to the other side of the
ravine and the river because I wanted to get closer to the action that I
was witnessing. Oh, man, did I ever have a fucking raging hardon. So, I
started looking for a way to get to the other side where they were. It took
me awhile but I soon found a way to cross over and started heading back
towards where I had seen them. But I couldn't find them.

Then way off in the distance I saw two of them walking the other direction
but I didn't see the third one and wondered why he wasn't with them. Both
of these dudes had their clothes back on and must have gotten their fill of
hot man sex and were on their way elsewhere. There would be no way I could
catch up to them.

Then a few minutes later, I rounded a huge boulder and saw the third guy,
the blond one, lying on a rock next to the river sunning himself still in
the nude. Oh, fuck, did this stud look so fucking hot lying there with his
gorgeous hot body exposed to the sun. Man, I couldn't fucking wait to get
my fucking hands all over his fucking hot body. It was the guy that is in
the middle of the picture I had taken a little earlier. The one that was
being fucked (in the picture I snapped) and then, I hoped, the one that was
about to be fucked again but this time by me.

He didn't hear me cum up to him. Damn, what a body I was looking at. Man,
what a nice thick cock that I wanted to suck on. He didn't hear me
approaching but I called out "nice day to get some sun!"

He must've jumped a foot since he hadn't expected anybody around. He
reached for his clothes and was starting to fucking hurriedly pull his
jeans on to cover up, but I quickly stopped him and told him there wasn't
any fucking need to cover up since I rather liked seeing him without
anything on. He dropped his jeans back to the fucking ground and then came
over to me. Oh, man, was my cock throbbing, so swollen, so hot, so hard, so
fucking rock hard straining to get out of my fucking pants. He reached over
and undid my pants and pushed them to the ground. My steel rod quickly rose
to point directly at the sky and he grabbed a hold of it and started
stroking it and pulled me closer and then started kissing me on the
mouth. I reached down and grabbed his now very hard cock. Damn, it felt
like I was holding my own cock same 8" length, uncut, very thick, same
shape our cocks felt like fucking twins. We both stood there kissing and
stroking each other. Then he bent down and started to suck my man tool. Oh
yeah man, did his hot mouth feel so fucking good on my penis. Oh, did he
ever know how to work it with his mouth.

I backed him over to the boulder he had been sunning himself on a few
minutes before and had him lie back as I lay next to him and worked myself
around so that I kept my cock in his mouth while I maneuvered myself to get
at the big piece of meat that usually hung between his legs but now was
pointing up like the Eiffel Tower. Oh, man, did his cock taste good. I
could taste his pre-cum so masculine, so sexy, so tasty, so hot so fucking
hot. While I was sucking his hard dick, I was looking at his fucking ass
hole. Oh, man, did I ever want to get a hold of his fucking ass hole. I was
watching his ass sphincter tighten and release as I was sucking his cock
and while he was sucking mine. Then I noticed cum dripping out of his man
chute. The cum of the two guys who had just fucked him and left their hot
cum was dripping out of his fucking hot ass hole. Oh man, damn, I didn't
think I could get any harder or hornier than I was already but when I saw
that fucking cum dripping from his fucking hot tight ass hole, my cock must
have stretched a couple of inches longer and thicker and harder with the
thoughts of it all. I so wanted to fuck his already used fucking man
hole. I wanted to follow behind those two studs that had already used his
hot ass to get their rocks off shooting their fucking hot volcanic
eruptions of cum up his fucking hot ass lining the inside of his fucking
ass and now this hot cum was slowly making its way back out to the light of
day. Oh fuck yeah, I had to have his ass. I couldn't wait any more. And I
think he must have been ready and willing because he didn't say anything
except "oh yeah man, do it" when I pulled my stiff cock from his mouth and
turned my body around lining my hard prick up with his ready and willing
man cunt.

Oh man, that ass hole had already been loosened up by those other two so it
was ready to suck my raging hard cock right in. Oh man, it was so well
lubed by their cum, so slippery, so sexy, so hot, so damn fucking hot. Oh
man did it ever feel warm and inviting to my man tool deep inside his man
chute. We fucked in several positions, I so fucking wanted it to last a
long time. But I knew there would be no way it could last forever because
my cock was fast approaching the point of no return when I would shoot my
load of cum deep inside of him mixing it with the cum of the other two
studs who had left just minutes before.

At the exact moment that I began to ejaculate deep inside of his fucking
tight asshole, he began to shoot his wad I didn't figure he would have a
whole lot left since he had already been with the other two guys before me
but damn was I fucking wrong. His cum started bubbling up and out of his
stiff horny young cock and started shooting all over the place. All over
me, all over him, all over the boulder we were on. Oh fuck yeah, what a
load of hot semen he let loose while my similarly huge load of hot cum was
shooting deep within his sexy manly body.

Oh, man, what an experience. Little did I know that this day would turn out
like this fucking a very hot dude deep in the woods of a state park after
having spotted him being fucked and used by two other guys. Oh man, just
thinking about it now makes me want to shoot another fucking hot load. I
wish he was here with me right now so that I could fucking shoot it in him
again. I am still enjoying the picture I took of the three guys
together. Damn, do I fucking wish I had been able to get more. And I wish I
could have gotten some more of this hot blond dude up close that I had
fucked. Unfortunately I was on a deadline and had to get those work photos
back to the boss. But I do have some fucking great pictures in my mind of
the unexpected events of last Friday that I keep playing over and over
again mind pictures that get me harder and hornier than hell all over and
over again.

Concentrate on the Paperwork

This story is based on a guy I met at work (although more fantasy than fact) and perhaps my most favorite story I have written:

It's Friday. I'm sitting at my desk working on this paperwork for the
project that is due to my boss by Monday morning. I've got to get this
shit done. But I'm having no luck concentrating on the task at hand. The
problem is the new guy, Gary, that had just started working in our office
this past Monday morning. Fresh out of college, he is one gorgeous
specimen of masculinity -- a six foot, dark-haired, muscular guy with the
dreamiest blue eyes. I literally ran into him as we were both rushing to
the elevator his first morning here. We apologized and introduced
ourselves and found out he was starting work that day at the same place I
worked. I told him that I'm sure I would see him around the office a good
bit since he would be working just down the hall from me.

And that is part of my problem. I have seen him around the office a good
bit this week and I always like what I see! And now this one hot dude,
Gary, is on my mind constantly. I've got to get my mind back on this
paperwork. I've got to get this fucking paperwork for this project
completed. Come on now -- concentrate -- not on Gary, but on this

The problem is compounded today because it is casual day in the office.
Every Friday is casual day -- I am wearing jeans and a pull-over shirt
today. But Gary... Gary came in wearing some cargo pants that fully
accentuate his crotch area. Oh, man, there must be a nice size bat with
balls between his legs -- and I sure would love to play games with them!
And his ass... the way those pants are cut really show off his nice firm
ass. Oh, man, would I ever like to sample that hot ass. And then his
shirt is a skin tight t-shirt that reveals every muscle on his arms,
shoulders, chest, stomach. His six-pack abs are beautifully and
revealingly outlined in this shirt. You can see every ripple -- every
fucking muscle. Oh, dude, I wanted to pull that shirt up and rub my hands
all over his rock hard body. Oh, fuck yeah, and I wonder why I can't keep
my mind on this damn paperwork. Visions of Gary keep floating through my
head. Visions of what I would like to be doing with Gary as well.

Oh, dude, thinking about Gary is making my dick hard as a rock while I'm
sitting here at my desk. It is straining very hard against my jeans.
Thoughts of him have me so fucking hot, horny, and HARD -- 8 INCHES HARD.
I can feel the precum at the end of my cock -- in fact there is a little
wet spot there right now where my cockhead is pressing against my jeans.
Oh, shit, I'm so hard right now. I sure hope somebody doesn't come into my
office and I have to stand up or something because they are going to see
this huge bulge in my jeans -- and they will probably notice that spot of

Okay, back to the paperwork -- concentrate now -- no, not on Gary -- and
no, not on fucking and assholes and cocks and men and sex with men and all
that good stuff -- concentrate on this fucking paperwork and get it
done. Come on now concentrate... I've got to get this done. The deadline
will be here before I know it.

Now, my damn telephone is ringing. I'm irritated -- not so much because it
is interrupting my work since I haven't been getting much done anyway --
but irritated because it is interrupting my thoughts of Gary. Well, I
guess I really need something to interrupt those thoughts so I can get back
to the required task at hand -- back to this fucking paperwork.

It's my boss on the phone. He is asking how the paperwork is coming along.
He is reminding me that he expects everything on his desk first thing
Monday morning. And then he tells me that he is sending Gary down to my
office to work with me on this project. Since Gary is new, he wants me to
show him the ropes -- everything that is expected on these projects and the
associated paperwork. He also thinks that Gary might be able to give some
fresh insight into what I am working on. Damn, how will I ever get this
fucking paperwork done if Gary is sitting in my office working on it with
me? How will I ever keep my mind -- and my eyes -- off Gary? How could my
boss do this to me?

Before I even get my phone back on the hook, Gary is walking into my
office. (Fuck, the boss must have already told Gary to come to my office
before I even got the phone call.) He pulls up a chair -- not across from
me on the other side of the desk -- but he pulls the fucking chair right up
beside me. He tells me that he guesses that this will make it easier for
him to see what I'm working on especially as I explain it all to him. Now
here is this fucking hot hunk sitting inches from me. I can smell his man
scent. It is beginning to intoxicate me. He is so sexy. The object of my
thoughts is sitting so close to me right now. What am I going to do? How
in the hell am I going to ever concentrate on this paperwork shit? I've
got to -- I have no choice -- fuck, there is no choice but to think about
this paperwork -- come on now, concentrate on the paperwork -- I can do it.

We begin to go over the project. I wonder if Gary notices the big bulge in
my jeans. I wonder if he has any idea what he is doing to me -- to my mind
-- to my cock. But we have work to do. I begin explaining everything
about the project to Gary. He is asking very intelligent questions about
it all. And he really does have some good input on some items. I'm even
more impressed by him now. Not only does he have a fucking hot body, but
he also has a sharp mind -- brawn and brains!

Gary leans closer to look at some of the paperwork. His leg touches mine
for a second and then pulls away. A minute or two later as he reaches for
some paper, his arm brushes against mine. I feel electric sparks. I want
to feel more. I want to touch more of his skin -- not just his arms -- but
all over his fucking hot body. My concentration is beginning to waver
again. Fuck, how are we ever going to get this paperwork done?

It is 5:00 on Friday afternoon. We are only about two thirds finished on
this paperwork. I really don't want to have to work on the weekend, but as
my boss had reminded me, this project is due first thing Monday morning.
Gary has a suggestion -- why don't we just work late tonight until we get
everything completed and then we won't have to worry about it on the
weekend. His suggestion makes sense to me. I don't have anything else
pressing tonight so might as well concentrate on this paperwork -- that is,
try to concentrate on this paperwork -- and get it done tonight.

Everyone else has gone. The office is quiet. We are actually making some
progress on this paperwork. But it sure is getting warm in this office. I
think at first that it is because Gary is making me so hot but then I
realize that the air conditioning is not on now. I had forgotten that the
heating and air systems are regulated by computer timers. They shut down
automatically after office hours. Gary notes as well that it is getting
very warm in here. There is not a damn thing we can do to turn the air
back on. Gary decides that the best thing to do is take his shirt off. At
least he will be a little cooler (and I'm thinking that I will get a little
hotter). Without any more hesitation he grabs his shirt and pulls it over
his head and tosses it aside. It takes my breath away. Here is Gary
sitting right next to me shirtless. The muscles that I was imagining
through his tight shirt are now revealed to me in the flesh. And to make
things worse (or should I really say better?) he has sweat glistening on
his body. I'm very intoxicated now by his body now. How in the hell am I
going to concentrate on this damn paperwork. It was bad enough before, and
it is going to be so much harder now that I see all of Gary's suntanned and
muscular upper body. He looks like a Greek god. Oh, dude, I want his body
so bad. I want to feel him close. I want to do all the things with him
that I have been fantasizing about while trying to concentrate on this
paperwork. Fuck, man, we've got to get this shit done. Concentrate on the
fucking paperwork -- come on now -- concentrate on the paperwork -- the
paperwork is required -- the deadline is looming.

Back to the paperwork. But it isn't long until Gary says that he can't
concentrate because it is too hot. He wanted to know if I would mind if he
took off his cargo pants as well in an effort to get a little cooler.
Mind? No, I wouldn't mind -- I think to myself that I don't know how I
will ever concentrate on this paperwork -- but I don't mind if he takes off
his pants. Oh, damn, dude, his body is gorgeous. Now he only has on his
sexy boxers. Man, my cock is so hard. He is such a hunk. And I see
everything revealed except the very center of his hot body. Oh, how am I
ever going to concentrate on this paperwork.

I notice that there is quite a nice bulge inside of his boxers. I wish I
could see what is behind them. We are looking at some of the notes on the
project. I glance over and notice that I can see through the fly off his
boxers and I get a glimpse of his cock inside. Oh, man, I wish I could see
it better. He is writing something on the paperwork. I'm still glancing
at his open fly. He makes a few more notes. I note that his cock seems to
be growing. It seems to be getting harder. Then I see the head of his
cock close to the opening in his boxers. He is still making notations on
the paperwork. I'm noting closely what his dick is doing. Then I get a
surprise. His cock springs out of his boxers through the opening. Now I
see his beautiful mushroom shaped cock head with its one eye staring right
back at me. But the paperwork -- concentrate on the paperwork -- come on
now -- the paperwork has to be done....

Fuck the paperwork -- how can I think about paperwork when Gary's cock is
beckoning to me? Fuck the paperwork -- I want to fuck with Gary right now.
I can't hold off any more. This fucking hot dude is sitting here virtually
naked right next to me. He has me so turned on, so hot, so horny, so hard.
I can't resist that cock that is peaking out of his boxers. Fuck the
paperwork. I reach over and grab Gary's cock. It is so nice to touch. It
is also getting very hard. I bend over and wrap my lips around his sexy
man tool. It grows to its fully erect state. I start sucking on it. Oh,
dude, I've wanted to do this for so long. Oh, man it tastes so good. Gary
is undressing me. I stop sucking him long enough for us both to strip down
completely. Two hot men naked with each other now. We get into a 69. Oh,
dude, his mouth is doing wonders to my cock. It feels so good. I suck
him, I run my hands all over his body, feeling every muscle. I feel his
ass. Oh, that nice tight firm ass. I move so my tongue can reach his nice
tight ass hole. I start running my tongue all around that nice tight
muscle ring. I begin to fuck his ass with my tongue. He is moaning. I'm
getting his asshole nice and wet with my tongue. Then I put one finger in
and start finger fucking him. He is loving it. In and out -- in and out
-- fucking him with my middle finger. Then I use two fingers and then
three. I'm stretching him out getting him ready for my nice HARD 8 inches.
He is begging me to fuck him and I comply. Oh, man, I'm fucking Gary, the
hot guy that had been destroying my concentration all week. The one who
slowed me down on my paperwork. Fuck that paperwork. We are almost done
with it. We'll get it done sometime this weekend before Monday morning.
But fuck that paperwork now, because I have more important fucking to be
doing right now. Gary and I fondle, caress, stroke, lick, kiss, suck, and
fuck for hours -- doing everything we can think of for two guys to try on
each other. I don't know what time it is when we leave the office this
Friday night. It might be Saturday morning. But we end up at Gary's
apartment and continuing our passionate lovemaking and fucking. Oh, yeah,
dude, I'm not concentrating on that fucking paperwork anymore -- I'm
concentrating on fucking with Gary....