Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My wait at the tire store...

I was at the Goodyear store the other day waiting for a tire on my pickup truck to be repaired… I usually hate waiting for things like this… BUT… this day I had a fucking hot young stud to watch and lust over… and I had to snap some pics to remember the sights I was enjoying… 

So tell me, what do you think of the  views I had to help make my wait time go by more quickly?  

(and I sware, that bulge in his shorts seemed to get bigger the more I watched and the more pics I took… and mine was too, just thinking about what is under the material on his sexy male bod! I wish his cock had snaked its way out of the leg opening of his shorts… heheh)  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Dream

The other night I had a fucking hot dream... it all seemed so damn fucking real...  

I walked into the room and couldn't believe my eyes.  There was my wife with two college-aged guys. One was a ginger dude, with light amounts of reddish hair on his body and a light ginger scruff on his face. The other was a dark headed guy with more body hair and also a scruffy face.  They were both lying there on the bed without anything on.  And my wife was still clothed but holding on to both of their damn hard dicks going back and forth tasting one and then tasting the other.  She would lick.  I didn't let on that I was in the room but stood by the doorway watching.  It was turning me on incredibly much. She was stroking the two fucking nice penises, one in each hand.  Then she would use her lips and her tongue on each, exciting the two guys to no end.  She pulled both of the big dicks closed together, rubbing them against each other.  Then used her mouth on both together, taking as much of the two hard cocks into her mouth as she could at the same time.  

Then she turned to the ginger guy, and said, "I know you are gay, so you must like feeling his cock against yours."  

His response, "Oh fuck yeah... I love the feel of another dude's dick rubbing against mine!!"

And her next question, "So is this the first time you ever had a woman suck your cock?"

"Yes, ma'am... actually it is...."

"So how does it compare to the guys who've done it to you before?"

"Well... ummmmm... yeah... it's good... of course I still like dudes doing it better, but... well, yeah... this feels good to me."

Then she turned to the dark headed dude.  "Well, I know you are straight... but have you ever had another guy's dick against you like this?"

"Uhhhhh... ummmm... well, hell no, lady... never!"

"So what's it feel like to you?  You definitely are fucking horny with that big hard man tool as erect as it is.  So something is making you that way... would it be his male body against you, seeing his hard prick next to yours...  or what?"

"Lady... it ain't the dude doing it to me... I guess it is your hands and your mouth... yeah... that's it... you are, lady."

"Hmmmmmm... okay...."And with that she went back to sucking the two boners together, licking, tugging, tasting, enjoying. 

It had me totally fucking hard watching and listening to this.  And what was really getting me fucking excited is the fact that she can't stand the thoughts of two guys together... she doesn't want to know anything about me getting with other guys for some hot sex.  She has always said that it is downright disgusting for men to do anything at all sexually together.  So here I was watching this and wondering what has gotten into her and how she happened to get a str8 dude and a gay guy together like this.  

Then the ginger guy glanced over and saw me watching.  I suppose his look cued her in, and she turned and saw me there watching.  She motioned me over... and of course I couldn't resist.  I went over to the bed... got my face right up close to those two damn nice college boy cocks that she was working on. My cock was hard inside my jeans.  She pulled her mouth of the two dicks and said, "Honey, you want to taste? You want to see what these two young men's penises are like together?"

I didn't say a word... just moved my mouth in and started licking their nice veiny shafts.  I got a taste of their precum... sweet... a mixture from both of them running down their hard dicks. Mmmmmmm... it tasted so very good.  

My wife and I were sharing these two young cocks... one gay, one str8... and of course my bi cock was so fucking damn rock solid hard.  I was jamming it against my wife.  In my dream, I was trying to undress her... pull her panties off... get my cock close to her cunt.  I wanted to fuck her while sucking on these two young men.  I was fumbling with her clothes, grinding my penis against her....

And then I woke up from my dream.  My cock WAS fucking hard. It WAS leaking precum.  I WAS grinding against her body.  And my hand WAS trying to pull her panties off to let my cock inside. My male body was so fucking excited from the dream and here was my wife sleeping next to me and my cock WAS ready to fuck her.  Finally I succeeded in removing her panties... I played with her clit and her pussy... feeling the juices starting to flow... which in turn got me all the more turned on.  And then, my cock invaded her vagina... going in deep. She moaned... and all I could think about was the dream I just awoke from... the two sexy young guys... their hard cocks... her sucking them together... her inviting me to join in.  It all had me so damn excited and I began fucking her fast and furious. And it didn't take me long to reach an orgasm, pumping my jizz deep inside of her pussy.  All the time thinking about having those two sexy guys in bed with us!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Anon shared his first time experience with me!

So anon sent me this fucking hot message on my tumblr... and I of course responded... Damn... I wish I knew who he is and I wish I could have the opportunity to do the same fucking great things to him that he describes in his message... his first experiences that have opened up a whole new world for him!!!!

anonymous asked:
I promised I'd thank you so THANKS HEAPS! Until I saw your tumblr at a camping trip I was as str8 as any guy could be- into sports, fit, hairy and muscular. Guys often chatted me up but I wasn't interested. I woke up to a guy giving me head. It felt great. Nothing was said during the day but that night he 'raped' me. I realised it's what I had wanted for a long time. The sex with guys is FANTASTIC but I'd been afraid to all my life! It's what I needed. Thanks for giving options to guys like me.

Oh fuckkkkkk... so fucking hottttt... wow!!! Sounds like you had a real initiation into hot man2man on that camping trip... So who was the lucky dude that got to wake you up with his mouth on your cock... and that later that night got to put his dick into yoru tight virgin man ass???  FUCKKKKKK.... You sound like my kind of guy... sexy, masculine, muscular, sporty, fit, hairy... and now a no longer str8 dude who found out that it is fucking great with the other side... man2man.  Damn... so fucking hot...  and glad I could be such an inspiration to you.  Out of curiosity, how did you happen to be looking at my tumblr while on this camping trip??? hehehe... someone introduce you to it or did you stumble upon it on your own?  Damn hot experience, dude...  FUCKING BIG THANKS FOR SHARING WITH ME!!! (wish you were here sharing your hot male bod with me right now!!!)

Stolen glimpse... and where it lead....

I reblogged the following picture on my tumblr and added the accompanying story... based in part on an experience I had with a roomie in college...

You opened your eyes this morning and looked across the room. Damn! You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Your str8 roomie was still asleep but had a morning woodie peeking out above the waistband of his boxers. Fuck! This sight caused your own morning hardon to throb even more. Man! How you wish you could just jump out of your own bunk and cross the room, grab his str8 dick, stroke it, suck it. Shit! The brain in the head of your penis was telling you to do it. Maybe you could grab the opportunity while he was still asleep. You pushed your covers back and slid to the floor, moving closer to him, closer to that fucking beautiful str8 guy cock. Hell! You were thinking to yourself “now or never.” You reached out and grazed his man tool lightly with your fingertips. It twitched slightly and noticeably hardened more. He appeared to still be sleeping soundly. You got your nerve up more and put your face close to that gorgeous piece of man meat, sticking out your tongue you licked the tip of it. Still no sign of him waking, you more deliberately put your tongue and lips to it. A slight moan escaped his lips but he seemed to be still asleep. Desire! You knew you had to fulfill your desire. You slid his underwear down revealing his whole str8 fucking erect penis. Your hands and mouth got fully involved now in servicing his manhood. Lust! You couldn’t keep from doing this any longer. His breathing intensified as you worked his cock, yet his eyes remained closed. Pretending! He had to be acting like he was still asleep. With the expert way your mouth pleasured his dick, he had to be aware of what you were doing. He probably had convinced himself that it wouldn’t be “gay” if he just pretended to be asleep while enjoying what was happening. Pulsing! His penis was pulsing, throbbing, twitching, expanding involuntarily. You tasted the sweet precum oozing from the slight at the end of his hard hotdog. Mmmmm! That was your moan… and his! At the same time! You kept sucking him, more intensely now. His eyes still shut as though asleep but his body signaling that it was doubtful he was. Cum! His cum! Hitting the back of your mouth, steamy hot volcanic eruptions of man cream spraying your throat. Grunts, moans, sounds of pleasure erupting from his mouth at the same time. Surely he was awake, but he gave no indication. Slowly his breathing returned to normal. You reluctantly released his less hard cock from your mouth with his cum dripping onto your scruffy face. Satisfied! Both of you… at least for the moment. You went back to your own bed across the room and climbed in. Still watching him and his cock, you wondered if he would ever mention what just happened….

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sexy 19 y.o. son... we finally get together!

He first contacted me about a year ago on  He was 18 years old.  I also saw him on Grindr... and on Scruff.  Sexy young guy named Jacob. We would chat and he would lead me on thinking there was a chance we could get together.  BUT, every fucking time after about 2 or 3 hours of chatting back and forth, he would disappear, usually the whole conversation.  It always started the same.  Jacob said he loved to cuddle, wanted to cuddle.  And of course I agree, I love cuddling and snuggling too... lots of touch... lots of hugging and massaging and skin2skin.  BUT, I love more than that too... lots more with a hot young guy!  Jacob would ask me what I would do with him and I told him... describing the cuddling... our two bodies entwined.  Yet, every time if I went beyond that in the conversation... beyond the talk of cuddling to the talk of grabbing his cock and playing with it or sucking it, he began to shut down.  And then he would disappear.

That game went on time after time after time.  And then last week, he was on Grindr again.  I didn't initiate the conversation.  He did.  I didn't even notice at first that he had messaged me.  And when I did, he had sent me 3 "hello" messages and a pic message of his sexy face.  19 years old now, he had grown scruff on his face and it made him all the more fucking sexy and handsome.  Damn... I wanted to feel his scruffy face against mine, his lips against mine... I wanted my arms wrapped around him and cuddling him.  The conversation started as usual... all about what he wanted... to cuddle.  And I told him that was what I wanted (fuck yeah I wanted to cuddle with him... but I decided this time to NOT tell him what else I wanted to do with him).  He surprised me with the next thing he asked me... could I host?  Yes, I could host... I was very willing and able to host!  And then he asked if I would like a cuddle buddy?  Oh yeah! And followed that with the question if he could come over and cuddle? Hell yeah!

The initial conversation was around 8 p.m. and it was now close to midnight.  But I was so fucking horny and I'd been wanting to meet this sexy guy for about a year now so I definitely wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by.  He asked for directions and told me he would see me in about 45 minutes or so.  I couldn't fucking wait!!!

He finally arrived close to 1 a.m. When he came into my place, he grabbed me and held me close. I liked the feel of this 19 year old grabbing hold of my daddy body! He started kissing me... I loved the feel of his lips against mine and the feel of his scruffy face against my close beard.  He was even sexier in person than in his pictures!

Jacob saw the open door to the bedroom and guided me in there pulling me down onto my bed, rolling around with me still fully clothed there.  Then as we fondled, cuddled, massaged, touched, hugged, our hands went here and there and underneath clothes, each others clothes... fumbling with buttons and zippers and belts... shedding our clothes piece by piece until we only had our underwear on... him in boxers and me in briefs.  We crawled under the covers of my bed close together, entwined.  I could feel his hard dick against me through his boxers and I'm sure he could feel my eight inches through the material of my briefs.

Damn, he was kissing me so fucking great... french kissing me... so sexy... so fucking hot... so fucking turning me on.  And I loved touching his scruffy face and kissing him... and feeling his hot young male body with my hands.

I licked his neck and he said, "Dad, you are being silly!"  And he told me to stop.  I reached into his boxers and grabbed his now very hard penis and he said, "Dad, you are being very silly! Stop!"   He wanted to cuddle and snuggle but it seemed that he didn't want to go any further.  I thought, "what the fuck? At least I had this hot young male in my arms, his skin against mine, so just go with the flow and do what he wants."  And I did.  He wanted to cuddle and sleep.  By now I was very tired because it was very late (or early since it WAS in the early a.m. hours), so we went to sleep cuddling.  Every once in awhile I would wake up and look at his sexy scruffy face as he slept, run my hands over it.  I'd glimpse his naked skin (before we went to slip we slipped off our underwear) and I would run my hands all over it.  I grabbed his penis and I felt it growing in my hand from soft to very fucking hard as I kneaded it.  I kissed him and touched and licked him.  He rolled over and pressed his back against my hairy chest, spooning.  I slid my cock between his legs and it felt so fucking good touching him like that.  He rolled over and faced me, half asleep... maybe all the way asleep... and kissed me...  I kissed him back and held him close... face2face... lips2lips... chest2chest... skin2skin... cock2cock... man2man... dad2son...  I let my hands reach behind him, squeezing his ass.  I tickled his butt crack with my fingers, lightly tracing the crevice.  I found his tight sphincter and teased it, fingering him.  He moved in closer to me.  He fell back to sleep... and I did to... but my hands kept working him even in my semi-conscious sleep state!

Somewhere along the way, we had separated in the bed, I rolled over and grabbed his scruffy face and he slid his body against me again, his back to my chest... his ass to my cock.  I reached around and grabbed his penis and started stroking it, making him oh so very fucking hard... throbbing hard.  He surprised me then and whispered in my ear, "Dad? Do you have a condom?"  I answered in the affirmative and then asked him, "Why? Do you want dad to fuck you?"  And his response was, "Oh yes, dad, please... fuck me with that big hard dick of yours... I need to feel it in me."  And of course I was fucking ready to oblige and satisfy his desire (and mine too! hehehehe)....

He went wild... fucking wild... And then after fucking for awhile he said he wanted to cuddle and sleep again.

Sometime later I woke him up again by licking him. This time I didn't get the "you are being  silly" comment... and I didn't get the "stop" command.  Instead I got, "Oh daddy, fuck... I like that... you are exciting me... you are driving me crazy... I love the way you are using your tongue!"  He went fucking wild again.  He got on top of me... he was sliding all over me... our cocks were enjoying frot together... hard... very hard... sliding... slipping... feeling... enjoying... exciting... desiring!  Our hands and lips and tongues all over each other.  That scruffy face of his still exciting me like fucking crazy.  All of a sudden I couldn't hold back another fucking second... my cock gliding against his, my cum starting erupting all over him and his cock and his young male body.

Then he was ready to cum... "Lick me daddy... lick my ears like you were doing... lick my neck... whisper dirty things into my ear... tell me what you like about my body... tell me daddy... lick me daddy... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck... I'm cumming too... daddy, here cums my man cream!"  And he shot all over his sexy stomach... loads and loads of steamy hot white man juice!!!

We lay there cuddling again after that for awhile...but then unfortunately, I was already late for work and needed to get moving.  We cleaned up... said our goodbyes (with hugs and kisses of course).  And now I'm hoping that Jacob will come again to visit very soon so that we can have a repeat of what I experienced with him last week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


A few weeks ago I had a fucking hot experience with a 21 year old... it was an exciting experience of contrasts... contrasts that got me all the more fucking excited... FUCK YEAH!

Our ages... he is college-aged... and I'm old enough to be his dad (I have my own kids close to his age)... you know how much I love dad/son scenarios... older men with younger men... FUCK YEAH!

Our skin... we are different races... he is black and I am white... his skin is dark next to my light skin... so fucking beautiful seeing the contrasts against each other as our male bodies slithered around together in hot passion... FUCK YEAH!

Our facial hair... I have a close beard... he has a little scruff on his chin... you know how much scruffy faces excite me... especially when I see the scruff around a guy's mouth that is on my damn hard penis... FUCK YEAH!

Our body hair... he is basically smooth... and I am hairy... I love having a smooth chest against my hairy chest (that is not to say that I don't like a hairy chest against mine... because I love that too)... the contrast of smooth and hairy turns me on... FUCK YEAH!

Our height... I'm tall at 6' but he is taller... (okay... I have to be honest... I most love a guy who is shorter and smaller than me but sometimes fucking around with a bigger, taller man is very hot... FUCK YEAH!

Our cocks... haha... I bet you think I'm going to say that his black cock is bigger than my white man tool... nope... lol... that isn't the contrast... our cocks are actually about the same size... 8 inches long and very thick... his curves upward a little more than mine which stands more straight out... the contrast?  mine is uncut while his is cut... don't you love seeing a cut cock next to an uncut penis?  FUCK YEAH!

Our actions?  hmmmm... actually similar... we both enjoyed touch, massaging, stroking, feeling, manipulating, jerking, fingering, licking, tasting, kissing, mouthing, tonguing, sucking... FUCK YEAH!

Our excitement?  similar... but the pace... this is what I love about older/younger man2man... the pace... the passion and wild exuberance of youth against the slower, playing, prolonging pace of age... going wild, then slowing the pace, passionately going wild again, followed by sensual slower moves and actions... varied... enjoyable... building up... edging... holding off... taking in all the sensations of youth and age combined... FUCK YEAH!

Our position for fucking?  Well... both of us are basically top... sooooooo... well... you know the excuse he gave... he hadn't had a cock the size of mine up his ass before... and well... this wasn't one of those times I was craving having my rarely fucked man hole penetrated by a big steel rod... so, this time no fucking... but we enjoyed rolling around the sofa in the living room... then the floor... followed by moving to the bed in the bedroom... man2man... dad2son... skin2skin... cock2cock... for what was an incredible amount of time seeing as both of us had not shot a load in a awhile... FUCK YEAH!

This description of the contrasts doesn't do it justice to what you would've seen in real life... in the flesh... in the heat of the night... but you get the idea... you can sense some of what contrasts excited me to extreme fucking hardness as we played together during this incredible sex session... FUCK YEAH!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I am so excited!!! I hit the 23000 followers mark on my "man2man" tumblr over Valentine’s weekend!!! Thanks to all of those who follow me!!! (and you can see below just how fucking excited you all get my penis!!! hehehe)


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