Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Anon shared his first time experience with me!

So anon sent me this fucking hot message on my tumblr... and I of course responded... Damn... I wish I knew who he is and I wish I could have the opportunity to do the same fucking great things to him that he describes in his message... his first experiences that have opened up a whole new world for him!!!!

anonymous asked:
I promised I'd thank you so THANKS HEAPS! Until I saw your tumblr at a camping trip I was as str8 as any guy could be- into sports, fit, hairy and muscular. Guys often chatted me up but I wasn't interested. I woke up to a guy giving me head. It felt great. Nothing was said during the day but that night he 'raped' me. I realised it's what I had wanted for a long time. The sex with guys is FANTASTIC but I'd been afraid to all my life! It's what I needed. Thanks for giving options to guys like me.

Oh fuckkkkkk... so fucking hottttt... wow!!! Sounds like you had a real initiation into hot man2man on that camping trip... So who was the lucky dude that got to wake you up with his mouth on your cock... and that later that night got to put his dick into yoru tight virgin man ass???  FUCKKKKKK.... You sound like my kind of guy... sexy, masculine, muscular, sporty, fit, hairy... and now a no longer str8 dude who found out that it is fucking great with the other side... man2man.  Damn... so fucking hot...  and glad I could be such an inspiration to you.  Out of curiosity, how did you happen to be looking at my tumblr while on this camping trip??? hehehe... someone introduce you to it or did you stumble upon it on your own?  Damn hot experience, dude...  FUCKING BIG THANKS FOR SHARING WITH ME!!! (wish you were here sharing your hot male bod with me right now!!!)

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